Sunday, May 19, 2013

And Now for Something Sort of Completely Different

I have a mangled pile of prototypes and experiments and more " sacrificed"  polymer clay  than I care to think about but finally I completed a random weave dyed  reed  basket with polymer components. It is a prototype too as it has a lot of "issues"but it's getting closer to the idea I have in mind so I'm sharing progress here. I won the reed in a raffle and I think it may not be of a super high grade as it tended to develop a "shaggy" surface after pulling weavers through. The good thing about the reed is that I can experiment to my hearts content before investing in higher grade materials.  The problems I encountered gave me some ideas that will solve problem and add to effects.


  1. i have a real love of baskets... i just love the weaving and the possibilities are where your is going and looking forward to see what you go in the process!

  2. there are several basket makers incorporating polymer in creative ways.... Victoria James twines with polymer and use it as bases for pine needles baskets, Jeanette Kandray makes entire egg baskets using polymer weavers and I use it flat in bias woven baskets.

  3. thanks for the info Karen... my title meant something completely different for me... I hope you don't think I am claiming to have invented the combination.


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