Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Visiting a Talented Friend- Tina Holden

We went to Tofino for a beachside break over the weekend and I was so happy to be able to connect with my good friend Tina Holden. Tina is a brilliant clayer and a talented innovator. I had a great time exploring her booth on Saturday and wasn't surprised to see one of her starfish pendants purchased within seconds of declaring to booth open! 

Tina &  me

Tina and her husband Bill on right setting up the booth

We got together for a long leisurely lunch on Sunday and Tina opened the get together by spreading a glowing collection of beach glass in front of me. Beach glass- NO it was  polymer clay!! The colour, matte finish- were jaw dropping perfection.  Tina explained the process which is on one of her excellent tutorials available on Etsy.

Polymer Clay faux beach glass

We ended our reunion with a meandering stroll along the beach. Two devoted beachcombers with eyes down, me gathering kelp and photographs, Tina snaring a tiny golden hued sand dollar.. a perfect morning.

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