Friday, November 2, 2007

Mix and Match Beachstone Earrings

I found some titanium earhooks while I was looking for something else (what was it again anyway?) and thought of putting together a few earrings that look pretty funky on this wire mannequin. As I can't exactly match the BeachStones I've decided to market these as a Mix and Match item. They are addictively fun to make - sort of like composing lots of little inukshuks.

I'll do a big batch of BeachStones tomorrow- I'd really like to make a few more of those cuffs.


  1. I'm for the 'mix and match' earring look! That style and trend is slowly making a comeback. A lot of the semiprecious stones out there don't match either and trying to match them is agonizing, so why not vary the size and look of them a little. Yay!!

  2. Great idea Gera. Love em plus I like the look of you booth and your color combos.
    You should do very well!!!


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