Saturday, November 24, 2007

Polymer Clay Paperwork, Trying To Be Green & Looking Ahead

I have spent the last 5 days submerged in paperwork. After the shows I organised all my stock and set it up for shipment to six different outlets. I had to inventory each item- some galleries request that each item be given an inventory code on a price tag. Then all the items needed to be wrapped for shipment. I ran out of bubblewarap after a while... I always balk at spending a money on bubblewrap, it's expensive and when you are an artisan, profits are hard enough to scrape together! My new habit of carrying cloth bags and declining plastic at the grocery store has impacted my packing- plastic bags were a nice light and clean packaging material- better than newspaper- but I have absolutely no plastic bags in the house! I was wondering about putting autumn leaves in the box to act as a form of stuffing but decided not to as I recall having a flea infestation in my house once when I brought masses of autumn leaves in for a papermaking project. Sending fleas to galleries might not make me too popular so I ended up using newspaper. I may consider popcorn in the future.

All boxes have been shipped or delivered except for one that is scheduled to go next week. My inventory is almost all gone. What a wonderful time to consider what to do!

Two years ago I was really interested in making boxes.... I think I'll return to the concept for a while. I also have a new idea simmering- inspired by these photos I found in a google image search... more soon.

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  1. Those boxes are very interesting Gera!

    I understand also your problem with not having plastic bags as before.
    When you have a dog you know why.

    What did we do before those bags? Paper? aren't we supposed to care for trees also?
    I give up for now!


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