Friday, September 19, 2008

Earth Clayer Inspiring this Polyclayer...

The hard clay thing gave me the blues. Happily I have been advised that Polyform is shipping me 20 lbs of nice malleable premo for me to work with!
I cheered myself up by visiting Sandra Dolph's website. Sandra is an earth clayer extraordinaire. I never miss a visit to her beautiful gallery whenever I visit Galiano Island. Her work fuses the colours and textures of our west coast environment with a wonderful Asian inspired style.

I feel energised to try some tiles that veer away from flowers, fish and fruit for a while.... hope you'll visit her website and see how she inspires you!

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  1. I saw Sandra's work for the first time at Fired Up in Metchosin this spring. Her work is wonderful - my favourite potter at the show.



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