Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Polymer Clay September

I LOVE September! I think it 's better than New Years, maybe cos there's less food around or there are a lot of holidays to look forward to. Nonetheless it's a good time to come up with new goals that don't involve accumulated angst.

My arty goals are-

*Before October set up an ETSY store starting with with tiles for sale

*develop polymer clay classes- I'll be offering a local beginners class in October to start and begin to find venues to introduce my Crackle Process in Canada and the US - email me if you are interested amusedcreations@shaw.ca

*make clocks- wall mount and stand-alone- that's going to be FUN- clock works are on order!

*explore the idea of Muses/Moxies and tiles in assemblage
*incorporate "cedar whips" in sculptural work- I need a big wind storm to do it. I'll explain when weather conditions allow.

*get a DREAM Machine- c'mon Artway!!

*Get set for the GIFTS FOR MYSELF AND OTHERS SHOW here in Victoria in November and blog through booth design as I go.
Who has time to rake leaves?

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  1. Gera, I love your polymer work, I hope to own some and am happy to hear you will be opening an etsy shop soon.


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