Friday, September 12, 2008

Perplexed Packrat

I am a packrat when it comes to materials for making art. My husband interprets my tendency to collect rusty bits of metal, weathered sticks, stones and dried up bits of seaweed as a sympton of a deep psychological disturbance, but as most of my best friends suffer from the same syndrome I usually don't worry about it much. Every now and then I begin to feel a bit hemmed in though and consider what I'm creating and whether my extensive stash compliments the effect I'm after. I did such an exercise a few weeks ago and with a smug sense of orderliness I filled bags with a tangle of sticks from many beachcombing sessions and sent them off to be chipped at the reycling depot.

I forgot the rule "If you toss something- you are guaranteed to need it within a few days" I did a batch of tiles today with a neutral toned organic sort of look. I have in mind to make a wall hanging with them.and I'm mourning the loss of a certain twisty stick that I discarded .... grrrrr


  1. Boy , does this talk to me!

  2. Want me to send you some? gosh...I have tons of sticks, stones, old beach pottery pieces, glass, dried kelp.... lol...I sorted them into bins of small, medium and large. I been thinking of downsizing too, but then it's just as you say "That when you need it!"

  3. hey Tina... thanks! I have a trip to Saltspring coming up so I think I'll re-fill by containers.....maybe we'll do tofino next year too! I'm happy to say I completely changed the concept with this project....sometimes these things happen for a reason!



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