Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Step One for a New Polymer Clay Muse...

Today I visited Knotty by Nature. What a stunning shop! It's packed full of delectable wool and fibre and it's a must-visit spot for any one with an interest in the Fibre Arts. The have fantastic classes in knitting, spinning, felting, weaving and silk fusion too!

I left some of my big buttons on consignment there so between
The Silk Weaving Studio and Knotty by Nature my buttons are in splendid venues!

I'm planning two Muses- one with a shore theme, the other with a forest focus. As I began my shopping excursion I saw some skeins of incredible handspun wool but each was a piece of art in itself and somehow not appropriate to use for a piece of my own art. the spinning was so distinctive that I'd feel compelled to credit the spinner as co-artist in the finished work I ended up with. I'd love to learn the spinning technique that was used on the wool I saw though. I chose some more generic wool so I could mix the colours and play with the textures myself.

Here are the four colours I chose for the beach muse and the resulting mixture. combined with polyner clay beachstones I think the combination is very coastal. The mohair is perfect as it gives a difused mistlike effect.

These beachstones are made with polymer clay.


  1. Those stones are so realistic - I didn't realize they were clay until you mentioned it!

  2. Yeah, they look totally real to me as well....awesome job!


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