Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Balancing Stones...polymer clay pendants

...the balancing stone sculptures led me to make some polymer clay pendants with a similar theme. I''ll be offering one of these in my One World One Heart Giveaway!


  1. Hi, I'm brand new to polymer clay, but I can see your blog is one to follow. Your work on canvas has me intrigued, because I'm a painter and I've been trying to figure out how I can combine clay with my paints. I can see you have some great ideas. Way to go!

  2. Great giveaways! I like how you take such inspiration from your weekend trip and add it to your art.

  3. just love your stone design!!! most original!
    I love the feeling of earth and rock pebbles rubbed by a lot of flowing water!

    Tirza. Israel

  4. Hello from southern California, USA, one world, one heart.

    How beautifully organic your work is.


  5. These are so beautiful (I love rocks)! hugs, antonella :-)


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