Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Underway again!

I'm relieved to report the piece is okay and work is underway again. I realised that the canvas was actually a cast . I removed it from the frame and cut out the damaged section then placed the "cast" on a new frame! I'm collaging and sculpting a new section which I like even more than before. The technique may work for other pieces too- particularly as an approach for work that's too big for the oven.  Serendipity!

Here's my work in progress- I'm working on the floor as a table or easel  is quite awkward .

Thanks for so many encouraging comments. The oil slick suggestions were certainly timely - I wish the mess in the Gulf could be rectified as easily as my "oil slick" was. It's more than heartbreaking.


  1. Gera, So glad to hear that you managed to come up with a solution and even learned something handy along the way-that is always a bonus!It is looking great but I bet it's even more impressive in person, as you'd be able to see firsthand all the dimension and textural details. Have a great (and productive) long weekend!

  2. Absolutely intriguing to watch this in progress. Your clever thinking and positive thinking produced a brilliant solution. Hooray!


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