Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mixed Media Polymer Clay collage needs a break from the weatherman

My collage canvas is finished except for the final phase- the resin which needs UV  light for curing. The piece is obviously too large for the usual little curing oven which is approx. 8x3 inches! I'm desperate for sunshine and the long range forecast indicates at least another ten days of rain and clouds.
I've tipped my little UV oven and  OTT lights onto the piece and muffled them in foil to reflect any rays and it's working to cure the resin but it's a slow process. I'm heading to an aquarium shop today to see if I can get some supplies to rig up a permanent solution for this issue. Lack of natural UV rays is situation normal here on this section of the west coast.


  1. I visited your blog during OWOH, bookmarked it, and finally took the time to return. Your work with polymer clay and resin is a fascinating read and I love your nature inspired art.

    I feature a blog each day on my blog, and, after reading quite a few posts, I believe yours will be an interesting and fun read for my readers and followers. Tomorrow (June 3), I will be featuring yours. I really appreciate how much of yourself and your knowledge you share with your readers. Thanks for making this a blog I will return to often for inspiration on polymer clay, resin, and nature inspired projects.

  2. Love your work. Just found you through Elizabeth and Bluebeard's posting and immediately became a follower.

    Your work is unusual and quite amazing. I've never seen anyone work in polymer clay in this manner.

    I'll be coming back often!



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