Thursday, June 3, 2010

FINALLY- some UV rays on the west coast!

At long, long, long last we had some sunshine and I spent the day applying progressive layers of resin to my "tidepools"!! I have a few last touches of colour to add with some polymer clay "BeachStones" but for the most part this piece is  finished and I'm aiming to post the final photo during the weekend!


  1. I just wanted to tell you that I love your pieces. They strike my fancy... and they are quite definitely my style. It's a bit disconcerting to see a piece made by someone I've never met and think "that looks like something I would make." It's nice, though, to know that there's someone else out there who sees nature and art similar to the way I do. Keep pushing the envelope by making unusual things!

  2. It is awesome! And I would never have known about the reworked area had you not shared the process. Thank you again and congrats on putting this one in the "finished" column.

  3. Gera, It looks great even from this angle! Glad to hear that you finally got some nice weather!

    I came across this great blog by Kelly Light called "Ripple" ( is raising money to help the sticken animals affected by the Gulf oil spill through artcards and donations- such a great idea!! I was so inspired that I'm working on a little illo. for a card myself.:)

  4. Christine RitcheyJune 9, 2010 at 9:57 PM

    Congratulations on finishing your beautiful beach! It's been both fun and educational to watch your work from beginning to completion. It's lovely. I hope you'll share another project for us. I enjoy watching the process and look forward to seeing what you've done every day.


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