Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mixed Media Messiness- a solution?

The new studio organization session is well underway. I will have 2 desks- one is a "clean desk", it has my computer and printer on it and it will be used for art jewelery construction. Sand, paint, fibre , Future, glue and other gunge-related materials will be banned. The second desk is for the messy stuff. I'm topping both desks with glass.

Regular visitors to my blog know the state of the floor under my work area. Here's a blog entry describing the way I managed to do a floor clean up.  This new studio is on the main floor of the house and has a gorgeous 99 year old hardwood floor. Mushed clay and other materials can not be ground into it. I'm finding myself approaching this room with a different state of mind- it's not a semi finished room in the basement- it's part of my home. I found this catch all tray for my mixed media desk at Lee Valley Tools - I'm hoping it will prevent floor damage in here.

No one can say I don't TRY to be tidy. 


  1. LOL...TRY is a good word. Wondering if those office desk floor mats might be of help?
    Looking forward to the progress and process...

  2. Hi Tina- I left the old office floor mat in the basement- it had about a cm of icckky goo on it.... hate to cover my floor with another one- my aim is to keep stuff OFF the floor.

    Wish me luck!!!


  3. Good luck!...but then again, why wish you luck when I have complete faith in you...


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