Saturday, June 26, 2010

The LEM- my home built UV resin curing oven

A few weeks ago I purchased an 18" black light fixture for curing UV resin. Today I built the "oven" which I affectionately nicknamed the LEM as, with the duct tape, mylar and cardboard it looks like an Apollo era space craft. My son Brendan walked in during construction and thought I had finallygone off the deep end and was building a unit for communicating with extra terrestrials. Anyway, the job is done and true to the spirit of Appolo 13 it works!

I used a Rubbermaid cupboard shelf, a reflective mylar emergency blanket which is much stronger than aluminum foil and will last a long time without ripping, duct tape and cardboard.

I attached the light fixture to the frame with some binding wire.

Here's the oven, it has a front flap that closes  for curing  - it's not rocket science!  


  1. Patent pending?!? :) Now that is quite the gizmo.

    I haven't checked in for while with you but I'm still here: Envious of your trip! Like what you've done with your studio and hope it fits your needs. And, Happy Canada Day.


  2. I left another comment on your initial "light" page, but I forgot this question: what kind of resin have you tested with this light setup? I've read your review of the 3 resins (Magic Glos, Ultradome, etc.) I have some Ultradome/Jewelry Glaze right now, and I want to make sure it cures nicely with the Gera-light!
    Thanks again,
    Gianna (Phaedrakat)

  3. Hi Gianna- I'm using Magic Glos with the LEM Gera light- but I'm sure Ultra Dome etc will work- I'll test Ultra Dome today and confirm it.


  4. Thanks for sharing how you built this! I was looking for something that could cure more than one project or for larger objects and was happy I found your site. You inspired me to try building something also. I borrowed a couple of your techniques and it works great! It may not be as elegant as yours...but it does work! If you are curious, you can check out my blog post where I show how I put my UV curing contraption together.

  5. Hey Pam- glad my "elegant" LEM inspired you to make your own Airstream Trailer version! Let me know how the aquarium light works... I'm planning on putting a second UV light in the LEM to get a power boost- vroooom!


    1. Hi Gera!
      The Airstream is still going strong! It cures the resin pretty quickly, unless I add too much metallic powder or alcohol ink to it. Wow, turbo charging the LEM! Good idea! Plus, you'll be able to cure more pieces under the increased surface area that the light will cover. Please post pics and results when you get it constructed!

  6. I don't know much about resin but for your project - rigid insulation has a mylar back and is also insulation. it my be usefull. You can hot glue this on a low heat setting to create boxes too.


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