Thursday, June 10, 2010

New UV light for resin work!

Okay, I KNOW I'm downsizing the studio but I saw this addition to the space to sensible! It's an 18" uv light- cost me an economical $39! I'll be rigging up a box for it so I can do the resin and leave it and then put the light box over it.

I've noticed that resin often spills when it goes under the lights and warms up--- I wonder if a fan to help cool things down would reduce spillovers? That's an experiment I'll have to try soon!

Back to sorting.....


  1. Nice LEM.... Cindy Leitz sent me to look at your light system. I like your set up. Can I find a UV light at Home Depot? I might like to set up a uv dryer.

  2. Hi Claycass- I couldn't find a UV light at home Depot- I googled to find a local electrical supply company and went and asked - it ended up being a special order but well worth the few days it took to arrive. The fun part was that i was the second person that week asking for a UV light for curing resin!

    Good luck with your search!

  3. Love this setup! I am kicking myself, I had one of these lights for my Bearded Dragon. When we got rid of him the light went into the garage. I sold it at a yard sale about a month ago, never thinking about its potential (all the while searching for a UV lamp for resin!) Now I'm gonna go buy another one at the pet store and build an awesome LEM like yours... Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey Gianna- when it's built let me have a pic- I can blog LEM 2!

  5. Hi Gera,

    Not sure if my previous post went through, but I'm glad to get a 2nd chance to tell you how much I love your's fabulous and so inspiring. I would also love to know if you are still using LEM? I can't afford to purchase the UltraDome and would be thrilled to create a curing unit similar to yours. Can you tell me what the wattage is on your UV lamp? Thank you so much for sharing your work, ideas, and passion. Happy Creations to you! Karen

  6. Hi Karen- I'm definitely still using my LEM! It's got a 15 W UV light in it.
    Hope this helps!


  7. Wow! What an emormous amount of experimenting you have done! Thank you for taking the time to triage it for the rest of us....I have just started to work in resin and haven't been thrilled with the 2-part systems. Looking into these 1-part resins and the costs have made me leery. But thanks to your experimentation, I have decided on which 1-part resin to use and to make my own box.
    Thanks so much! Diane

  8. ...inquiring minds Catcophony... what kind of resin have you decided to use?

  9. Wow,
    Your site is so helpful. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and beautiful projects. I want to try one part resin but I didn't want ti invest a fortune in a UV lamp set up before I know if I really like it. Right now I have some two part resin that I will try out in the summer. I am guessing I would like one part resin better.
    I like the idea of going to the pet store for one. I hope I find one.

  10. When I look for a resin light, which wavelength am I looking for?

  11. no clue- sorry- I just asked for a "black light " or "ultra violet light" at the electrical store.
    Try googling?


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