Thursday, January 6, 2011

4 am in the sleep studio

Sometimes at around four am I'm supposed to be sleeping but I'm in semi sleep and working in my head on arty stuff. Sometimes it's problem solving and sometimes I'll have a flash of inspiration. This morning I was thinking of adding text of some sort to the latest canvas when I had a collision of ideas. A seed catalogue  arrived in the mail yesterday and perhaps I could play with a scan of a page and print the result on silk as a component in the Woman in the Garden canvas. Here's a starting experiment after a bit of PhotoShopping...

Perhaps because of the scribbly sketch I've been calling her the Madwoman- so she may be called "Orphelia"... or perhaps Donalda Draper?

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  1. For some reason i find that a creative time as well. Today i was making a pendant in my head with a silver sea urchin and photo trasnfer of beach debris. love your garden themes


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