Thursday, January 27, 2011

Polymer Clay Day- Resin Valentines and The Muse Emerges

Wednesday was very busy for me! I "dressed" the Muse, she ended up being a bit more voluptuous than my sketch... we'll see how she reacts to the long vest with pockets I have in mind for her. Her body is fired but the arms are still raw so I can arrange her basket.

During firing times I was able to do some resin work. The four copper Valentines are going to be made into pendants with silk and sent to Side Street Studio. If you are curious about what the pieces are in, it's BARLEY...I find it perfect for making little adjustments to stop spills and it works a charm for curing dimensional items like rings.

I have bezels for sale in my Etsy shop... the hearts are almost sold out.

PS- here are the finished Valentine's pendants!

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