Friday, March 11, 2011


I have ordered a few items to see if I can fire bronze clay in my kiln so metal clay tools are down for the time being. Back in December I had hoped that metal clay might be part of my "line" for an upcoming wholesale show but it's not to be. Hopefully things will turn around in the metal clay department over the next few months.

I have been busy though! I'm going to be travelling to Ontario for the Morrisberg Polymer Clay Gathering.  I'll be doing a demo on my Klimt technique. I have been making some Klimt sheets to use as samples and decided to incorporate them in a Muse. This led me to go through some books about Gustav Klimt and I examined some of his Reform Movement fashion designs. Klimt was a proponent of freeing women from their corsets - whether to help them breath or be more accesible for other activities might be debated. The designs are wonderful. the photographs have lovely postures too.  I've used  a photo of a Klimt dress design for this Muse. She's named Emilie after one of klimt's favourite muses- Emilie Floge. Her recycled silk headress is an original gera. Gustav wasn't too much into head gear. Here's a photograph of Emilie in a dress that I'll use for my next lady- the polka dots may turn into flowers.

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  1. I think her posture works perfectly with the character of Klimt. I'd love to see the detals of her dress in person. It has a a depth of texture, pattern and colour. Ah to have someone help me loosen my corset!!! LOL
    (I mean creatively of course. Sure. I'll go with that.).
    The hair is just a whole lot of fun and gives it a contemporary Gera flair. Kudos. Deb Groom


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