Monday, March 7, 2011

A Metal Clay Labyrinth

Trying to come up with a firing solution is turning into a labyrinth. I have Googled all sorts of sites and have run into many brick walls. I have had friends supply great links to blogs etc that have helped me work on the puzzle. Thanks so much!

I have come to the conclusion that a 1200 F torch can fire a tiny piece of copper clay but a 1550F kiln is low on fire power and will consistently fail to sinter. My hopes rose when I looked into firing PMC Bronze which fires at 1550 F but it needs a firing container to hold carbon and my Ultra Lite kiln is a bit too small to hold a pan. I have emails  to various suppliers asking if there is such a thing as a mini-mini firing pan- maybe I'll get lucky. anyone know of a source for a round kiln safe pan that's less than 3.25 inches in diameter please let me know. (a tall order for something so short!)

I have ordered a temperature controller for accurate control with firing  PMC3 and I found an insert for the kiln that will get the temperature up to 1650 F but that's still too low for copper.

So my metal clay projects are on hold again.

Tomorrow is a clay day- I have a 9x12 cradleboard and a project for it.... hmmm a labyrinth ??????????????


  1. wondering if a stainless steel cup for poached eggs would work. they'd be about the right size.
    or...stainless steel feeding cups used for parrots from pet of those might be worth a try minus the clay?

  2. good idea Tina- it needs a lid tho- also has to withstand 1550f but I'll look for an egg poacher - gotta be innovative!

  3. found one for copper clay...


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