Monday, March 28, 2011

Wholesale Show

Yesterday I participated in the Island Artisan Association Wholesale Show.  It was marvelous to connect with good friends, meet new artisans, share ideas for display, discuss which craft shows to hit and which ones to miss and to give encouragement in what has been a rough time for persons trying to make a profit from their creative endeavors. We had a steady flow of potential clients and I met some enthusiastic representatives from several venues that are interested in my work!  This was very welcome as last year one of my very succesful venues closed and another was sold to someone with a different focus. 

Speaking of focus- many of my photos seem to be lacking in that department but the fun of the event comes through just fine!

Two of my bestest friends were at the show -  millifiori genius Wanda Shum was my next door neighbour and the brilliant jewellery artisan and tutorial diva Tina Holden braved the long drive from Tofino to  display her work with her husband Bill who is also a talented jewelery designer.
from left- Polymeristas Tina Holden, Wanda Shum and Gera Chandler

My redesigned booth - I already have a few new ideas for the next event. 
Tina and Bill Holden
Wanda Shum- and her funky green shag carpet 
 Here I am- a bit spinny with 15 minutes before we head home!
My shirt coordinates with my booth by design- 
One potential customer looked at me- gave me a huge smile, 
complimented the shirt and didn't even slow down to come into the booth.  

Special thanks to my husband Chuck for helping me set up and take down and especially for having a very cold vodka martini in the fridge for me when got home!



  1. It was great having both you and Tina at the show with me! Who'd knew there was such a big pc representation on our island!


  2. I had such fun, despite anxious anticipation and hard work beforehand. Now...the work isn't over, and gratefully so. I think the three of us were able to represent quite well the many varied possiblities that can be achieved with our beloved media.

  3. It was a great day- wish the three of us could have connected together for a nice dinner or something afterwards- things are always just tooo rushed!

  4. Gera, Your booth looks great and you look super, in your cool shirt, in front of it. Ok, here's the million dollar question... How did you manage to work a show, smile a lot AND wear those funky heels all day? :)

  5. lol- Lorrie- the secret of the heels is to get Clarke's- amazingly comfortable and very funky styles! I can work a craft show all day in them... I do the set up and take down shoe-less tho.


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