Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Artemesia- Westport, Ontario

 I've been staying with my friend Georgia Ferrell for the last few days. Georgia is living a life so many of us dream of. She has a beautiful old house in the gorgeous town of Westport, OntarioThe lower floor of her house is a beautiful gallery- Artemesia.  The upper floor is her home and studio

Here's Georgia at one of her work tables. She is a framer as well as a multi- talented artist.
A huge studio on the top floor of a heritage building... Heaven!
 the polymer clay zone...

That's the sneak peek of the upstairs  for everyone who visits
 Artimesia and isn't a "guest of the Gallerista"

Here's the Gallery!

Start at the entry area the entry area and explore...

Work by  Bonnie McLean
and Ann Gruchy
 Aili Kurtis
Patrick Skidd 

 One of Georgia's beautiful chess sets! 
(From the view of Queen Gera- I hope those bishops, cute knights and prawns protect me-
 I have no clue how to play this game)

Polymer Clay is well represented by Tina Holden and myself.... and my recent visit to Abigal Connell's studio gave me a sneak peak at some of her new lines incorporating her metal work and polymer.
Tomorrow we head for MORRISBURG !


  1. That is a seriously nice space! Jealous!

  2. very cool and very appreciated.
    thanks g from g...

  3. Fantastic space! Wish I could be there at Morrisberg...


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