Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Inspired by Klimt and Resin Demos at Morrisburg

I did two demos at Morrisburg. The format was for all demonstrations to be 15-20 minute sessions The Klimt Demo is temperature sensitive as it requires translucent sheets run thought the pm at #9. I once taught this particular technique in a very warm room. We had doors and windows open and fans running but the clay was gooey making for a rather "interprative" class. Things were much better this time around. The clay behaved itself nicely. My demo was very bare bones and gave the participants a wide margin to take the concept and spin it. My second demo was an introduction to UV resin. I had little kits of UltraDome available for everyone. Many thanks to UltraDome founderTerry Morris for all his help in getting materials for the kits! I was delighted to see some so many people combine the two demos so beautifully. I always enjoy seeing different takes on a concept that is so familiar to me.  I was inspired to take an alternative approach with my own demo to come up with this pen.

Here are some of the pieces that launched from my Klimt and Resin demos. They were taken as we swarmed around the Show and Tell Table and things were a bit chaotic. I want to credit the artists so  please let me know if you can match a name to a piece.

 Barbara Colautti
 Janice VanBeek
 Barbara Colautti
 Elaine Kennedy
Sandy Willis's clever use of a dollar store frame to create an earring display showcases her beautiful millifiori combined with the Klimt process.
 Sandy's extruded spiral cane figures  are accented with a layer of resin 

Adria's Steampunked Resin Pendant

The two demos work well as a one day workshop which I'd enjoy teaching!

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