Friday, April 8, 2011

Morrisburg- 2011

Morrisburg Ontario 2011.

 Dozens of polymer clayers head towards this town as the winter snows of Eastern Canada  melt to reveal tiny crocuses along the side of frost heaved sidewalks. Beckoned by the siren song of timers, the whirr of pasta machine cranks, the cellophane crackle of  new blocks of premo and the unmistakable pop of wine corks these determined women make their way with a single purpose to the Mackintosh Country Inn....
Amy June Beeny is one of those women-

This is her story. 

Amy supervises the car load up for the trip from Westport- Georgia and gera seme to have been overly enthusiatic... can the vehicle's shocks withstand the challenge? Georgia seems to have yet another box to sneak on board while Amy is distracted....
 Finally- shut the hatch before they think of anything else!
 Bleeping GPS
When in doubt, a Google print out is back up.
F  O  G

 The flog clears and we're at the big intersection- turn left- next stop Morrisburg!
 getting closer!
 The hugs begin!
 Set up complete... check emails....



  1. I don't know if my previous comment made or this one..... but, looks like you are having a good time!

  2. Great post. Thank you. I'll have a glass of wine and raise a toast to the group tonight.

  3. I loved feeling like I was right there. You can feel the anticipation building and the sense of fun is ready to go! Have the best time and bring home lots of inciminating photos.
    clayfully, Deb Groom

  4. Allready we are thinking of next year. Great to have met you again Gera. À tout à l'heure!


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