Tuesday, May 31, 2011

At the Worktable... and a sense of foreboding

I just put my completed commissioned diptych in the oven - it's taken a while to get it just right and I'm very happy with this piece! I'll put the picture up tomorrow.
I've continued experimenting with an entirely new process using multiple layers of clay- alchohol inks and scratching and stamping. I've made Fusions with it and for the remainder of the week I'll be making a family of Muses. 

All the fun in the studio is tempered with a deep sense of foreboding. The postal workers have delivered strike notice and may suspend services in less than 72 hours. This means a vital shipment of findings that's snagged  at the border will remain so and worse still- any  gallery cheques winging their way to me will be stuck in a mailbag somewhere for the duration.

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