Monday, May 2, 2011

Storing polymer clay sheets a la Carol Simmons

I make lots of sheets of polymer clay- some are skinner blends, some are multi-layered "Klimt sheets" and some are sheets with various surface treatments. I've often found myself short on table and shelf space with all of the sheets I generate and need to set aside for later use. Last summer I met Carol Simmons and she shared her incredible collections of mokum game. I loved her mokum game but was also enormously impressed with her storage system. Each sheet is inserted in a plastic display binder. Flat, airtight and safe. Carol gifted me with some of her mokum game with the request that I show her what I ended up doing with it. Here it is, working inspirationally as the cover of my sheet book!
Thanks Carol!
assorted sheets- placed on plastic binder sheets- 

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  1. That is a brilliant idea! Much better than sheets of deli wrap in big zip-lock bags (my current "system"). Thanks for sharing!


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