Sunday, May 15, 2011

On with the Shoe!

I'm home again after a short trip to Vancouver. The city has playoff fever and this arty Canuck Car was parked on Robson Street to show the team colours! Go Canucks!
 I was able to visit the art gallery as well as have a stroll around Granville Island to spark my creative process.  I also spent more time than cash oggling a myriad of shoes that were incompatible with a.) The Weather b.) My polymer encrusted  lifestyle c.)My family's need to maintain a roof over our heads and to eat. City hiking is harder on the feet than covering ground being in the bush or on the beach.  I did  serious blistery damage to my feet as I stolled the city wearing "sensible shoes" and so I replaced them with a nice new 3 inch heeled strappy pair of  sandals with a back of the heel zipper. New shoes and a couple of blister pads  reduced the pain considerably . Heels can be comfortable! Sorry- I am here to discuss polymer clay and got distracted.

Home again. The studio is in chaos. I have two shops that need new fusion bangles and resin/polymer art-wear. I have a wonderful commission for a diptych that will be a source of creative delight over the next two weeks. Today is a "shoveling out day" though-I have to tidy up before I can get back to work. The good news is that it's pouring outside which helps me focus on doing this rather than heading outside with my kindle.
I'm also going to re-open my etsy shop  I'll be having some interesting mixed media items for sale.

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