Sunday, July 10, 2011

Basketry Explorations- Deb Groom

I promised a much prettier picture with today's post and this one delivers.
I am running Google image searches far and wide to explore basketry approaches to "twig" the ideas I have in mind. My first search landed me on my own blog! It was a post from 2008 featuring fellow British Columbian Deb Groom. I love this piece and I see Deb has continued exploring the approach with a wonderful selection of photos of work in progress on her Flickr Site. I would absolutely love to take a workshop with her- perhaps at an upcoming Vancouver Polymer Clay Guild Meeting...?

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  1. Hi Gera,
    Thanks so much. I was looking at my pine needles and thinking I'd love to get working on them and then you blogged about them so off I go! I'd love to come to the Island and have a get together and show what I do. I know you'd run with it in new and fresh directions. Your work is so exciting and visionary that I'd love to see your approach. Right now I'm studying sculptural forms in baskets so hopefully I can bring some fun twists to a wonderful artform. Thanks so much, Deborah Groom


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