Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kelp Basketry - A Natural West Coast Style

Cheryl Massey
The beach was my childhood playground  and I recall sitting for hours contructing items with seaweed and sticks.  Kelp basketry  speaks to me and I look forward to incorporating it in my experiments this fall. I'll be going to Pender Island again this year and I'll be speding a lot of time  collecting materials!
Two notable  kelp basketmakers here on the southern coast of British Columbia are Cheryl Massey from Whistler and Patty Dowler from Sooke. Both women love gathering their materials as they walk along the shores of the Pacific Coast. Their creations echo the same organic combination of the artists intent and Natures input that Stella Harding expressed with such eloquence.
Patty Dowler


  1. We used to jumprope with kelp at Deception Pass when we were kids....

  2. lol- now THAT'S a westcoast childhood memory!
    Thanks Cathy... Pacific kids- low coast for summer toys. ;-)


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