Thursday, July 7, 2011

Studio Transition...

 I'm transitioning the studio for a radical re-focus for the fall. I'm going to be taking  basketry and weaving workshops with an eye to continuing to explore combining polymer with fiber. As you can see by looking at this appalling picture, the dreaded clean out is in progress. It's a good thing that I have basement space for storing these big Rubbermaid bins that its going to take to move out supplies and materials that won't be required including craft show display fixtures. No shows this year!

It's all out going to be of sight- out of mind... but not to be disposed of- I may need it again!

I'm excited about this transition. I'll be spending time outdoors gathering materials and travelling for courses and I'm already spending time poring through my magazines and reflecting on the approaches of dozens of incredible artists. I'll share pictures as I explore and I vow that the pictures will be more attractive than this one!

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