Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fibre Fun

Yesterday I hauled out my enormous basket of sari silk ribbons and had a wonderful time coordinating colours to go with resin and polymer pendants. Once again it occured to me that an element I love working with could be incorporated into basketry. I'm imagining a sari silk and metal wire rim on a basket.....

I'm very close to having every available bezel polymered and resin-ed and my inventory boxes are full!


  1. You so inspire me. The silk is so beautiful.

  2. May I ask if this beautiful necklace will be available to buy? (I hope this is not rude to ask.) I'm from Taiwan but I am greatly in love with Vancouver Island, especially Victoria. I've visited Victoria 4 times in my life and still want to go there again and again. I love your artwork so much and I hope to find a way to get so many of them, if international shipping is possible. Please let me know! Thank you for your time and all the inspiring work!

    1. Hi Cara- Thanks for asking about purchasing my work! I certainly cann sell you a piece if you contact me by email at we can make arrangements.



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