Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Project Stalled- new one underway

My Polymer and Kelp Muse project has stalled. I ran out of a wide size of kelp! It's on hold until I can harvest some more from the beach.

I decided to go down a different track and work on a wall hanging Muse. Here she is after being fired. I have a big order of alcohol inks on the way from Shades of Clay ... I'm thinking of very muted westcoast greens, browns, greys and a sliver of mauve here and there.

OR should I go mad with colour??!?!?


  1. Yessss...Go mad with Color!! (tiny voice whispers...blue...) lol

  2. I look forward to the finish! I'm expecting a large clay order from Shades of Clay for a project I'm developing for an upcoming "small feats" exhibition at NAC of 12" x 12" artwork.
    Stay inspired!
    fellow Clayamie

  3. You designing mind is awesome. Every project you do astounds me!!
    HUGS Nancy Q


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