Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Perfect Polymer Clay Day and a Blog Gallery

It's a dark, wet day. Perfect to stay in the studio and clay!

Yesterday I finally got around to beginning to upload images to flicker to develop a Gallery to link from this blog. Look to the right for the Flicker Gallery link.

I've had a pear theme for the last two days. Here's a Pear vase covering a wonderfully shaped flattened sphere glass vase. I used to have a wholesale supplier for these vases but they were discontinued. If anyone knows of an alternative supplier I'd be delighted to hear it!
Last night my husband and I had a glass of wonderful Blackberry Port from Saltspring Vineyards. The port is delicious and once again the label is worth sharing! If you like her boots they are available at a wonderful Ganges clothing store called Mouat's.

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