Sunday, October 14, 2007

Show Booth Colour Choices..

Yesterday I set up the booth in my dining room. I will have corner booths at my shows this year- 8x10 and 10x10. This booth FILLS the room! I set up the grids- they're held with spring clamps. The grids are covered with the IKEA rattan blinds. You can see the back view below.

Of course the FUN art was choosing the colours! After playing with draping colours in the fabric store I decided to use black as the underskirting and to place squares of coordinating colours on top. The colours are black, royal purple, teal and red. It pops in my house but the colours aren't translating in the photo. I'm very pleased with the effect though.

The dining room will be out of commission for a few weeks as I tinker with risers and fixtures. There's a bit of sewing to do too. I plan to make table "Sleeves" an idea Wanda Shum gave me where you sew a fabric "box" that slips neatly over the table.
PS. We have an eating area in the kitchen/family room.

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