Thursday, October 11, 2007

Three Muses & Autumn Leaves

The three Muses are complete. Their names are Septima, Llinos and Carysythy. I'm really pleased with them. People often ask where the names come from. I have a few baby name books, some names are inventions and sometimes I'll choose a fairly commonplace name and turn it backwards. I love names that have a Celtic intonation.

I found some terrific glass vases at a local shop and I've been covering them. Here's one with an autumn theme.
I have yet another project rattling in my brain as I'm working - fine tuning the show booth....


  1. love the vase, and the muses are just fantastic!


  2. Gera,
    Beautiferous work! The vase looks like it's raiku-fired. And your muses are just wonderful.


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