Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tagging Items For Craft Shows

I learned a long time ago that a fun label or tag can attract customers the way a lure can attract trout! My first ever tag "lure" was a polymer clay BeachStone on the tag accenting my BeachStone Soaps... that led me to a full time polymer clay addiction and (happily) away from soapmaking as an enterprise.

I recently was eying a large purchase I had made of multiple spools of beautifully coloured wires and had a "aha!" moment. Here's the fun new way of tagging teapots that I came up with. I may add tiny beads as an extra accent.


  1. Fun new tag Gera....does it come off easily for the customer?

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  3. Hi Vanessa- the wire is just twisted around the knob on the teapot lid so it's easily removed.


  4. I just love all those tid bits of information you describe on your web about shows. Thank you!


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