Friday, April 4, 2008

Fishing Boat Prototype

I finished the fishing boat and I'm putting it in the "Prototype Gallery"- on my own wall. The salmon just don't "pop" enough. I wanted a moody cloudy day effect but paid for it with a lack of contrast. I have another idea for the angle of the fishing boat too- more sketching and colour consideration- I'm not through with this concept yet.

Today I'll be moving from the sea to the garden- working on a rudbeckia themed frieze.


  1. I like the whole concept. reminds me of living up in the Puget Sound. Can't wait to see what changes you make in colors and angles.

  2. Hi Gera.

    I love what you do with polymer. From such bright work to deeper rich colors too!

    Lori G

  3. That is really beautiful Gera! My dad is a commercial fisherman on the west coast mostly out of Tofino, so this piece especially speaks to me. Even without the contrast, the colors are very lovely!


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