Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Second Fishing Boat Frieze

Yesterday I completed the second frieze and I'm much happier this time around. I decided to leave out the background and define the negative space with the frame. It was fun to dash about the house testing the effect on different coloured walls. I loved it on a red wall.
I used wire for the fishing boat masts but they were prefectly round and straight and didn't look right so I pounded the wires with a hammer for that "organic" effect.

I solved any "warm room/saggy clay effects" by gluing thin popsicle stick-like strips of wood to the back then laying a second sheet of clay on top.
The eyelet hanger is screwed in the back of the area with the fish and it balances nicely when hung on the wall.

The piece is 15" x 10" so it's the largest frieze so far !


  1. that is sooo awesome and does bring to mind summer days fishing in the PNW. I can't wait to see your enxt creation.

  2. Oh, I really love that! I think the negative space was a really good call.


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