Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Polymer Clay,Paperwork and Some Changes to This Blog

I have finally finished 3 days worth of paperwork! Why do printers always run dry just as you are about to print the very last invoice?

I had orders from four different venues and had to photograph, label, invoice and pack it all. As I went through the process I decided to fine tune my Gallery Blog to be my sales site. I also came up with a new logo font after finally working out how to download and extract fonts into Vista. (enough said on the vista subject :-(

I have some new info for my blog guests. This blog will continue to run at
The aMused Gallery Blog will be at I hope you'll continue to visit this blog and drop by every now and then to see what I'm up to in the gallery. If you visit any of the galleries that display my work, please mention that you saw them in my blog!

As for artstuff- I still have fishing boats and Magnolias on my list but was sidetracked by pears....

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  1. Hi, Your creations are awesome!! I have one question: Do you use polymer clay and then paint them with acrylic colors or so? or do you just use different colors of clay? i am very new to polymer clay and would appreciate any suggestions


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