Friday, June 10, 2011

A Family of Muses

These aMusing ladies have kept me busy over the past two weeks! Although two of them are still fussing about their hair and want some beaded dreads and another one has a gripe about her underpinnings I managed to round them up this morning for a group shot. The entire entourage  will be heading for a debut at the Island Artisans Cooperative Gallery at Dale's Gallery on Fisgard for the summer.
As I have a lot of travel plans through the summer these days are a whirlwind of production so I will have lots of items to send along to my galleries and shops as the busy season rolls up!
On a bittersweet note, these will likely be my last Muses as I have a few artistic detours coming up- stay tuned!

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  1. These are great dolls. I love the color hair and the ancient looking garments you have used for them.


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