Saturday, June 11, 2011

Polymer Clay and UV Resin- Avoid the voids

Here's a helpful tip for those of you pouring uv resin on top of polymer clay in bezels. Put a drop of cyanoacrylate glue in the bezel before you press in the clay. It will form an important seal between the metal and the clay. If you don't there's a chance some resin can creep under the clay in a nice dark location far from any pending UV rays. The piece is cured but unbeknownst to you there's a slippery layer of resin in a void under the clay. Eventually the pendant or earrings will be in a vertical position and gravity will draw the liquid resin downward and the uncured resin will seep out from beneath the polymer clay 
and cured resin, it presents a sticky situation that you want to avoid!
The cool image is a T-shirt designed by Ron Marton  in the terrific RedBubble website. His iHac T gave me a good morning pc chuckle. I have a friend in Morrisburg who would love it!


  1. Great Tip G.
    I've gotten into the habit to bake the PC part first (some Bezels can act as a 'cookie cutter'), fire it, then do the Resin on it and lastly glue it into the Bezel, but sometimes that isn't possible. I find that that way I avoid getting any Resin onto the Bezel which I don't really want. But really good suggestion especially since Polymer Clay does shrink just a little bit during baking and could cause a tiny gap to form between bezel and pc.
    PS...I would love that T'shirt too, lol

  2. Hi Tina- like you, like use the bezel as a cookie cutter but now I add a layer of glue before snoodging it in place for baking... I haven't poured on raw clay then baked- curious to try it!

  3. ps- that meant i haven't poured on raw claw, cured the resin under lights then baked at 275F...I usually bake the bezel/clay then pour the resin.


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