Saturday, June 25, 2011

Reaching for something from the backburner...

I went to Santiago Chile last year and was on a walking tour that included a whirlwind visit to the National Art Gallery. There was an amazing exhibit on Woven Plant Fibers.  I was transfixed and regretting that my carry-on baggage wouldn't allow me to purchase a sample from the gift shop. I would have loved to loiter but walking tours wait for no one. I back-burnered this for the blog AND for something I'd like to pursue. I think polymer and woven plant fibers have a lot of possibilities. 

I've discovered that I live close to outstanding basket makers who offer workshops so I have something new to explore this fall!

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  1. Hi Gera! I agree that polymer and woven would be fantastic. I have a piece that I bought in a gallery in Colorado that is a clay pot with pine needles woven. At the time I had not seen anything like it. To this day I still love it. I could see how on a smaller scale the two would mix well for jewelry or whatever. Good luck on flushing out that idea!


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