Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Prettier Pictures- Galiano Island

Having that pasta machine picture as the welcoming image on my blog was sort of gross so here are some more attractive pictures I took on a recent trip to Galiano Island. The beach was composed of miles and miles of huge rocky slabs with amazing textures and sculptural effects. It's inspired an idea for something to do with polymer clay...

The photos are all of solid stone formations, there was no sand on the beach!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Not A Pretty Picture - Waiting for a Dream

I'm going to be demonstrating polymer clay at a wonderful Fine Arts show this Sunday. I've begun to assemble my supplies and took a look at my pasta machine. It's no beauty is it? The motor attachment isn't holding properly so it's held in place with duct tape. The rollers are pitted as I frequently run sand, micro beads and other inclusions through them. I don't mind the pitting as I think it gives "tooth" to the clay for surface treatments. It's probably the most battered looking pasta machine in the world but it continues to serve me well now that I have positioned the duct tape do I can access the on and off switch! I want to retire it to a nice quiet polymer clay pasture when I get my hands on a 10" wide D.R.E.A.M machine but until the Dream is good to go- it sounds as if it's a waiting game. I'll have to continue with my dear little "beater". I think I'll treat it do a bit of a cleanup before the show and use the crank instead of the motor.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

"Anjou" A Polymer Clay Pear Muse

I've used pears as a theme for a while now and decided to extend the image to a Muse. Here's Anjou. Making the miniature pears for her bowl was fun- I rolled them in some gold and bronze embossing powder and got a nice effect- the stems are rebar wire. She's 19" tall.

The Sooke Fine Arts Show

It's summer exhibition season here in Victoria and I was absolutely thrilled to have "The Flower Seller" and "Helianthus" accepted into the Sooke Fine Arts Show! The show and sale is held from July 26-August 4th at the SEAPARC Leisure Complex, 2168 Phillips Road in Sooke. I'll be demonstrating some polymer clay techniques on Sunday the 27th from 11 am-1 pm.
Here's the website for further information

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Flower Grrrls in Polymer Clay

It seems I was inspired by Roberta's garden blog & a walk through the Empress Hotel Rose Walkway - these little muses took over the studio this week. Seems I'm florally fixated lately....

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Polymer Clay and Gardening on Prince Edward Island

If you love exploring gardens you may enjoy visiting my friend Roberta Palmer's Garden Blog. She's a wonderful polymer clay artist and designer and obviously a talented photographer too! She lives on beautiful Prince Edward Island. Her work is for sale in galleries across Canada. Visit her Garden Blog at and her Polymer Clay website at

I'm always bugging Roberta to run a workshop on structuring and running a craft business at a Polymer Clay Conference - it would be outstanding!

Here are some of Roberta's sculptures...