Saturday, May 25, 2013

More Experimentation with Random Weave

I'm knee deep in springy coils of reed in my studio and having a LOT of fun experimenting with these baskets. Each one teaches me something and I'm working out angles and connections and considering what size of reed would be best... even an alternative to reed as quality reed is in short supply because of poltical embargoes.

I'm soaking reed for the next one!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Getting Closer

I'm still working on  polymer clay and reed baskets. I'm really feeling as if I'm getting closer to a "look" that I've been after for the last two years. Random weave is absolutely fascinating it is like a combination of a puzzle and a dance. It is definitely meditative- perfection if not for sore fingers.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

FloRal FuSion Bangles

I love gardens almost as much as I love the beach and a day in the garden inspired me to start making FloRal FuSion Bangles. I have some in the new Island Artisans Excellence in Craft Gallery and added one to my Etsy Shop too!

And Now for Something Sort of Completely Different

I have a mangled pile of prototypes and experiments and more " sacrificed"  polymer clay  than I care to think about but finally I completed a random weave dyed  reed  basket with polymer components. It is a prototype too as it has a lot of "issues"but it's getting closer to the idea I have in mind so I'm sharing progress here. I won the reed in a raffle and I think it may not be of a super high grade as it tended to develop a "shaggy" surface after pulling weavers through. The good thing about the reed is that I can experiment to my hearts content before investing in higher grade materials.  The problems I encountered gave me some ideas that will solve problem and add to effects.

Friday, May 17, 2013

The "After" Shot!

This looks much better and now I know where things are again!
All done- in record time!Just as I took the photo UPS rang the doorbell and I have 12 lbs of clay to mix and mingle with the weaving materials soaking in the big pot on the floor!

Enjoy the long weekend!

The Best Way to Clean Your Studio.

This is a tried and true technique to spin your disgraced space into a glitterama - share a photo of the work area in absolute squallor then get cracking to show the "after" photo. I am out of polymer clay and I couldn't think of a better use of time!

More ASAP! 
Yes, I am embarrassed but I'm fixing it, honest!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Excellence in Crafts Gallery- Set Up

The doors will be open on Thursday!
The Island Artisans' Excellence in Crafts Gallery is being set up in The Bay Centre----what a fantastic location for this enterprise!! It's the third store from the mall entrance on Douglas Street which is the main street in downtown Victoria.There's a steady steam of shoppers- locals and tourists alike. The Gallery sits nicely between Jacobs and L'Occitaine. It used to be the Bell store and the corporation left a wonderful funky spiralled carpet behind that is perfect for a crafts gallery. Our IAA Gallery Committee has done an outstanding job setting all of this up... the Set Up Committee is hard at work for the opening this Thursday! 

Getting things started- artisans are arriving to deliver inventory- shelves are being assembled.

More soon!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Excellence in Crafts Gallery- An Exciting New Venue in Downtown Victoria!

 The Island Artisans Association is opening the Excellence in Crafts Gallery in the Bay Center in downtown Victoria on Thursday May 16 at 10 am! The gallery is a generous 1200 square feet and  is situated on the second floor a few doors down from the Douglas Street Entrance. The Gallery is a Pop Up venture  and will run from May through August.

I spent the last few days inventorying work and have my boxes and display fixtures ready for delivery. I'll be delivering some Muses, FiShy FuSions and my new FloRa FuSion Bangles, art cards and kelp baskets.

I'm especially excited as each artisan will be working shifts in the gallery and it will be a switch for this shopaholic to be on the other side of the till in a shopping mall!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Crafthouse @ YVR

I have had my Fusion bangles for sale at The Crafthouse Gallery at The Vancouver International Airport for a couple of years now. This venue has been really successful for me but to date I have always been in the wrong terminal and haven't been able to visit! My friend Trav had the unfortunate experience of a 25 hour delay in her flight overseas and she took time to have an "aimless wander" through the airport...she found the gallery and my Fusions. I'm pretty pleased with the display location! They are currently carrying my traditional bangle style but I'll be including FiShy FuSions with the next order.

I have FiShy FuSions available now in my newly re-opened Etsy Shop.