Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Snowberry Ornament

I used some glass disk ornaments that I found at Michael's to make tree ornaments for shows and the Clayamies' Ornament Swap. Here's one with the Snowberry theme that I've had so much fun doing over the last few months. The ornaments were strung on a selection of assorted fibres and embellished with beads and bells. Snowberries and Fish were by far the most poplar designs.
Add one more goofy craft show question to add to the "What Are They Thinking At Craft Shows?" list- I had the ornaments displayed in my booth and lost count of the number of people that picked them off the display, brought them to me and asked,"What can you use these for?"


  1. Gera, your snowberry ornament looks like raku! Beautiful (and a lot lighter in weight than raku).

  2. Just gorgeous! Christmas brings out the blue in me, too...I guess it's a reaction to all the red and green!

  3. Just exquisite - I'd love to learn that raku effect.

  4. Your work is fantastic, Gera. And I agree with Regina; I'd love to learn how you do your 'raku' effect. Have you ever thought of offering a tutorial of your technique online for sale?

  5. Spectacular! I'll be watching for your answer to the tutorial question, as well. But don't feel pressured. ;o) ...Harriet

  6. The online tutorial idea sounds interesting butI think I'll be eventually putting together a one day workshop with this technique.



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