Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Studio Cleanup

Today my organiser Linda Lake came by to "do" my studio. She drops by every few months when I begin to have difficulty finding my worktable. Linda has come up with a lot of wonderful ideas for organising the space including the terrific rack for storing all my fibre. The polymer clay is stored in plastic containers turned sideways and drilled into the wall- I credit Genevieve Jenkins for that wonderful idea! Before I begin to wreak destruction once again I've taken a couple of photos.
Here's my worktable, it's far too small- I hope to replace it with something with drawers.

This is the general Storage area, plastic bins with white lids store completed work.


  1. I love your studio. I had a dream that I snuck in and hid. The room was almost exactly like the lay out is now but it was very tall and your bamboo racks went way up into the ceiling. I perched there and watched you create. You didn't know I was there. It was magic - the things were creating themselves with a little prod from you. it was amazing.

  2. I *LOVE* your studio, G! Very artistically laid out and one could get sooooo inspired just sitting there! Hope to be able to visit your studio some day!

  3. it is nice to see your studio... it looks great! and a wonderfully inspiring space in which to work.



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