Saturday, December 29, 2007

Assorted Little Cratchitts and Inspiration from the Grinch

As Bob Cratchitt may have said if he was a blogger... "I've been making rather merry and such a long silence on my blog only happens once a year"... (if only someone would interject & raise my salary!!)


Here I am again, very, very rested. Set for 2008 and resolving to stick to my earlier decision to end production work and to focus on OOAK only. My friends the Moxies will remain but I have a new twist in mind and I can't wait to get started on it!

Sojourn is coming closer... I have the task of putting together the "paper infrastucture" for the event -the schedule- assigning people to workshops based on pre-registration forms and putting together some little events in between workshop times. I'm actually having a lot of fun with this- reminds me of being a student teacher and making a lesson plan and playing the scenario in your head searching for something that may cause a glitch. Maybe that's why last night I dreamed I was in university residence again... I digress. I'm hoping to have this project finished asap so I can dive across the room to my worktable and begin claying again!

A final observation (not from Tiny Tim Mr Dickens!) for many, many years we have watched "The Grinch" on the realtime feed from the TV network or with a VHS tape and always thought the colour did something outrageous to my set- it blurred past the contrast setting and sometimes even caused an audio buzz. this year I purchased the DVD and we watched the show in high definition. The colours are absolutely dazzingly wonderful! Pinks and oranges- shifts of tones from the foreground main object to the background colour- someone could write a thesis on the theory employed in this production! I recommend that anyone who loves colour cue the DVD for a look- turn the volume off. Make it an academic exercise- it's a joy.

That's all for now folks!

Cheers and goddess bless us everyone!


  1. hi iam enjoying the grinck and i am talking from the wii

  2. Hi Brendan- I am amazed that you can view my blog on your wii! See ya-



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