Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Harbinger of Spring

We started the new year with a walk around Oak Bay. By the shore there was a howling gale and heavy surf pounding the breakwater. It was a perfect way to clear out all traces of sad and sorry old 2007.

Heading home I spotted this little huddle of snowdrops. Spring can't be too far off!

Tomorrow is "back to work day"! I am craving normalcy- just knowing which day of the week it is sounds wonderful- I'm happily winding down the holiday spin and packing it back up in boxes before it explodes on the scene once again 10 or so months from now.

Back to polymer clay! I have a shelf groaning with many pounds of fresh polymer clay and I have an idea in my head that combines two old favourites into something new. I hope to have a picture posted tomorrow.

Happy 2008 to ALL!


  1. having just been dumped with another lot of snow, i am happy to see your snow drops... we won't, i guess, be seeing them for another wee while yet.

    am also looking forward to your new creations!!! carry on claying!!


  2. hi mom brendan from the wii☆☆☆☆☆☆☆π=3.14159265435


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