Thursday, January 10, 2008

Polymer Clay Houses

Here's the first version of my "Houses" explorations. I am really excited with this!! I live in a neighbourhood with wonderful architecture... Victorian, Arts and Crafts, 20s bungalows and art deco abound! I'll be taking my camera on walks to capture ideas.

Today I'm going to translate the idea into a box.

Other Things Not Involving Clay.

*I discovered that spammers can write comments linking to stupid ads so I'm having to moderate comments- it's sad that one twit can spoil the fun.

*This news junkie is LOVING the goings on with the primaries in the US- great to see such turnouts and enthusiasm and seeing candidates that actually inspire a sense of confidence that there's a brain between their ears... and an election that baffles the pollsters so the reslts aren't announced 10 minutes after the polls close - now THAT'S exciting!


  1. Exciting new direction, Gera! How large are these new pieces?

    And, you're SO right about the primaries. I loved seeing the mainstream media having to backtrack and admit they don't know anything about what the voting public really thinks!

  2. Hi Michelle- the pieces are between 6x6" and 9x8"... starting small but I'm planning to get some even larger pieces as I go on.



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