Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Encouragement & Framing Fish

Yesterday was really fun because Cynthia displayed the Poppies and Moxie vessel on Polymer Clay Daily. http://polymerclaydaily.com/ I've been on before but it's always a lovely surprise to click on and see yourself! An enormous compliment that gives encouragement. Thanks Cynthia!

I had incentive to burn as I spent the day working on the second framed piece- A School of Fish!

This one is 9x12". The Fish and Poppies have "frames" that are virtually identical to the background- the next piece will have a different palette... and perhaps even a secondary theme.....

Speaking of themes. I've been playing with my old favourites Moxies, Poppies and Fish but there's something new on the backburner... When I start over-using "........." it's time to get to the worktable.............................this is a mini one- 6"x5"x 1.5 deep."... instead of a frame, I placed flowers and leaves on the surrounding edge.......


  1. Oh Gera..I didn't notice the mini framed composition this morning I was in a rush. It is adorable!

  2. It's been a while since I've had a chance to visit your blog, and as usual you don't disappoint! The little framed pieces and Moxies are fabulous! Such great composition and colors - just wonderful.


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