Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A New Project- As Yet Untitled

The dust has settled after a day of studio cleaning and now I'm starting this new project in earnest- the starting sheet is on the worktable. It's going to combine the new framed composition concept with a Muse. I plan to place one of these rather mysterious characters into an environment to give a narrative and context. I'm inspired by medieval illustrations where internal and external architecture and the natural world occur in and out of synch. In the spirit the medieval inspiration I'll use some of the images I saw during my summer trip to England- primarily a black and white checkerboard and golden stars on a blue background which often adorned vaulted ceilings.

Here's the sketch- there are more details "in my head". Regular visitors to this blog will know that my first sketches are very rough but I manage to make sense of it all once I get up to my elbows in polymer clay....

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  1. Your sketches are as beautiful as your polymerclay creations! With the checkerboard floor this one reminds me of your studio. I like the cat a lot! I'm curious about the finished project.



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